As a 9-year veteran in sports analysis, I launched my Patreon to disseminate my extensive knowledge of sports and valuable horse racing insights. Growing up around racehorses, with my father owning 6 or 7, I developed a passion for the sport early on. I started sharing my research on Facebook right after leaving school, quickly gaining widespread attention and going viral. Now, my work takes me to sports events globally, from Santa Anita racecourse, to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to the Meydan Festival in Dubai!

This meticulously gathered information promotes informed decision-making, and I share my insights and research with over 26.000 monthly subscribers on Patreon! 😃

By following my personally developed staking plan (which you can view in the video below), we have achieved positive results in 36 out of the last 40 months! 📈

Our data analyst, Matthew, tracks all results each month, both positive and negative. These statistics are then shared in my free Telegram group along with detailed performance spreadsheets 📊. Over the years, I've brought together some of the most insightful horse racing analysts in the world. They now dedicate their time to delivering daily insights to my Patreon members, ensuring value each day!

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