What is the staking plan and how do I follow it?

Following my advised stakes, you'll make good profit long-term.
When I mention "points", it's % of your balance. If i say 5 points, it's 5% of your balance.
For example, if your balance is €100 and I advise 5 points, that's a €5 stake, for a balance of €500, 5 points is €25 and so on.
The more points I advise on a selection, the more confident I am in that selection winning.

See a description of the Staking Plan on our website!
Judge our tips after 1 month, not 1 day or week, regardless of winning or not, that's all we ask.

What is a "Cover Bet"/"Insure Bet" and how do you place it?

Cover/Insure bets protect your stake at lower odds. If your horse doesn't win, you get your stake back. If your horse wins, you will get the full winnings.

  • bet365: More Markets > Cover Bet.
  • PaddyPower: On the Full Racecard > Money Back.
  • Sky/Betfair: On the Full Racecard > Insure Bet.
What is "Each Way" betting and how do you place it

An 'Each Way' bet is a bet offered by bookies consisting of two bets: a win and a place bet.
Depending on the number of runners, you will be paid out a fraction of the win odds, for your place bet.
To place an 'E/W' bet, tick the box that appears after you make your selection.

What is "To Be Placed"/"Place" betting and how do you place it?

Place Betting is entirely different to 'Each Way' betting. In this case, you are betting on a selection to finish in the top 2, 3 or 4, depending on the selection and it's respective odds.

  • bet365: More Markets > To Be Placed.
  • PaddyPower: On the Full Racecard > Top Finish.
  • Sky/Betfair: On the Full Racecard > Place(s).
What betting apps do you recommend using?

We recommend having multiple accounts across different bookmakers, as we will offer the best odds we can find across all platforms.

What times are the tips posted daily?
  • Elite VIP members recieve tips the night before on the exclusive Discord server.
  • Premium members recieve the tips before midday on the exclusive Discord server.
  • Standard members recieve the tips between midday and 3pm on the exclusive Patreon.
How do I upgrade?

Navigate to your membership tabs on Patreon, click 'Edit Tier' and complete transaction. Head to the Memberships page on our website to find out more.

When should I upgrade?

You can upgrade at any time during the month. You will only be charged the difference between your current tier's price and the price of your new tier. Refer to our Memberships for information on pricing.

Note: Please wait until you are charged for the month before upgrading, to avoid being double-charged.