My Staking Plan / Points System 📊

I advise a staking plan, here is how it's explained: ⬇️

  • Following my advised stakes you'll make good Profit long term 🚀
  • Basically when I mention points it's % of your balance so if I say 5 points it means 5% of your balance.
  • So for example if your balance is €100 and I advise 5 points that's €5 stake. If your balance was €1,000 and I advise 5 points then it's €50 stake etc.
  • The more points I advise on something the more confident I am in the selection Winning.

We're currently in Profit the last 12 of the last 16 months in a row, 36 of the last 40 months 😳📈 Judge our tips after 1 month, not 1 day or week regardless of winning or not, that's all.

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